Women's Recovery Group

The Women's Recovery Group is designed for adult women seeking recovery from addiction.  In a structured format designed for confidential discussion, the group educates individuals about the disease of addiction, addresses various aspects of an individual's life that have contributed to & been affected by the addiction, & teaches various coping techniques and strategies that are instrumental for success in recovery.  

In the Women's Recovery Group, you will:

  • Learn about the disease of addiction

  • Develop healthy coping strategies to deal with life's challenges

  • Gain an understanding of why you feel the way you do

  • Explore issues contributing to your addiction (e.g., abuse, domestic violence, and other forms of trauma)

  • Develop and implement a support system of family, friends, & others

  • Practice relinquishing destructive thoughts, defenses and behaviors, and replacing them with positive alternatives

  • Utilize group support to implement positive changes

  • Achieve self-empowerment by learning clear communication, assertiveness, and healthy boundaries

  • Practice mindful meditation

  • Practice stress reduction and grounding techniques

  • Engage in creative visualization

  • Learn & practice healthy nutrition & exercise

Recovery is a process.  If you’re ready to admit you have a problem with addiction, you've taken the first step.  It takes tremendous strength and courage to face addiction head on.  Reaching out for help is the second step.  Support is essential in recovery from addiction.  It is crucial to have people you can lean on for encouragement, comfort, and guidance.  There is hope and help available, and you have the power to make sustainable changes in your life.  

The Women's Recovery Group is a 36-session 18-week program that meets twice a week, on Monday & Thursday Evenings, from 6 pm to 8 pm.


Women's Aftercare Group

The Women's Aftercare Group is designed for adult women who have completed the Women’s Recovery Group &/or Substance Abuse Treatment.  The Aftercare Group offers a cognitive behavioral & group process approach for the client’s understanding of relapse, personal triggers and signs of relapse, and development of a behavioral plan for relapse prevention.  Emphasis is placed on client identification of situations, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, which precede use.  The group meets once a week and is recommended for a minimum of a year.

Individual & Family Appointments

Available Monday through Friday.  (Evening appointments also available).